Achievement banners hoisted at Birchwood


As part of the clubs ongoing development, and as mentioned a few weeks ago, the club was in the process of having a series of banners printed to acknowledge the club’s outstanding competition achievements since it was established in 2013. Well, those banners have been printed and are now proudly adorning the main wall at the Birchwood Leisure and Tennis Complex, the home of Cheshire Wire Basketball Club. The club committee felt that it was important not to lose sight of how far the club had come in such a short space of time, to pay tribute to the hard work of previous club teams and to hopefully inspire all of our current teams to continue to strive for such honours. There are probably many clubs throughout the whole of England who would relish the opportunity to be able to display as many banners as this but may well never get the chance to do so. We should all be extremely proud of our club and its heritage.