New wall banners for Birchwood


As part of the ongoing development of our home court at Birchwood Leisure and Tennis Complex, the club was granted permission by the Head of Birchwood Community High School to hang some banners in the Sports Hall so that the venue would start to look a little more like home. With this in mind, the Club committee agreed that the first banners to be completed would be a series of achievement banners that would highlight the successes of the club to date since it was formed in 2013.

Consequently, eight banners (each one 8 ft x 4ft) have now been printed by local Warrington printer, Warrington Signs & Custom Vehicle Wraps, based in Howley, Warrington. Thanks to Mike and his team at Warrington Signs for doing such a great job.

As much as we would like to hang these banners immediately, they wont be adorning the walls of Birchwood Sports Hall until the week before Christmas.

The eight banners that have been printed represent the following major club achievements:

Under 15 Boys National League Runners up

Under 18 Men North Premier Champions
Under 18 Men National League Runners up

Under 15 Boys National League Third

Under 16 Boys North Premier Champions
Under 16 Boys National League Fourth
Under 16 Boys National Cup Champions

Under 16 Boys National League Runners up

Hopefully, it wont be too much longer before we have the opportunity to add to the collection and maybe, one day, even hang a National League Champions banner.